EA Mods

EA games that we would love to see modded

eamods-03As we have mentioned in other texts that you can find on this site, EA mods are nothing rare. EA is a company responsible for some of the best PC games in the history of video gaming and it is therefore no wonder that the modding community has dedicated a lot of time to bringing us EA mods that expand on these games or that change them completely, turning lost and forgotten classics into something entirely new and reminding people that EA definitely know their stuff when it comes to creating video games. Sometimes, these mods are the best proof of how great the original, vanilla game was. Still, there are some EA games that we still need to see modded and that are simply craving for mods that would make them thrive again.

The first name that comes to mind is Mass Effect, one of the best video game trilogies of all times that has shown the world that video games can produce high quality and cerebral science fiction on par with anything you have read in SF classics or that you have seen in cult SF movies. In fact, one might say that they have made it the best piece of SF to come out on any medium in the last two decades at least. However, Mass Effect games are still to be modded and this probably has to do with a very complex engine that had to be developed in order to keep track of all the important decisions that the player makes during their playthrough.

However, it is not difficult to imagine a Mass Effect mod that would introduce new characters and missions, perhaps on some of the planets that we have heard of but did not see in the vanilla version of the games. Or, what would be even more incredible, a Mass Effect mod could be made which would bring together the ME universe with some of the most popular universes in SF history, such as the Star Trek universe or the Star Wars universe. Who could not love a potential battle between Krogans and Wookies?

eamods-04Dead Space is yet another EA franchise that is yearning for a mod of some kind, with its unprecedented horror atmosphere and a universe that feels alive and so scary at the same time. It would be great to see Dead Space spread its wings a little bit, showing off something more than just narrow dark corridors filled with nasty mutants. How about a definitive EA mod in which Dead Space games and the Mass Effects games would meet up.

Of course, we would also like to see more Need For Speed EA mods as there is always room for new cars, new tracks and new styles of play that would bring something new to the table when the most popular racing franchise of all times is concerned.

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